Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a young Tim Burton and Danny Elfman got involved with directing an episode of The Trailer Park Boys would look like? Probably not, but damn doesn’t that sound intriguing? Well, with the short film LUNCH LADIES, directed by J.M. Logan (THE GARAGE SALE, MANSON FAMILY VACATION) and written by Clarissa Jacobson (HOODWINKED TOO), we get an environment very much akin to that aesthetic.

Seretta and LouAnne are hard working lunch ladies who are unappreciated and working with a kitchen and pantry that is underfunded. They dream of winning a competition to become Johnny Depp’s personal chefs. That dream becomes one step closer to reality as they receive word that they have advanced in the competition but airfare isn’t included. Flying to Los Angeles isn’t cheap, and when the school you work for doesn’t even pay for fresh ingredients, you know that they aren’t paying a solid living wage.

Having to endure their day job a little longer, Seretta and LouAnne are threatened with losing their jobs if they don’t come up with something incredible for the Friday surprise lunch special. Given their fascination with Johnny Depp and an unfortunate run in with a disrespectful kid, things get a little Fleet Street on us.

LUNCH LADIES is a fun 19 minutes that left my cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing the whole time. It was created as a proof of concept for a full feature length film, and with that in mind, it succeeds as I want to see our girls continue in their grisly work in order to become the celebrity chefs they aspire to be.

Find out more about the short and where to catch it next at the official site.

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