I’m not going to lie. I’m in a dark mood right now. And I needed a little sunshine to pierce that inky black darkness. What better way to do that than with a bittersweet short film about love and happiness, and the lingering after effects both, written and directed by Jerry Smith?

Full disclosure: Jerry is a friend of mine. He was the guy that gave me my first shot in writing. The one that pushed me. I’ll forever owe him for that. However, I wanted to go at this short with an extremely open mind.

Endings & Beginnings is a conversation between a father, played by Smith, and his young daughter, played by his actual daughter Dahlia. The daughter wants to know why people hurt, and if she’s going to hurt when she grows up. An honest question and one that a parent can expect. And one that is even harder to answer. We want our children to have the world, sure, not the bad stuff, but we want them to have every opportunity to gain ground where we ourselves faltered. And in this story, Jerry’s character chooses to focus on the light.

What is said in conjunction with what isn’t said, as we see him in silent mourning, is all the more aching. We deserve to find that person that makes us happy, we truly all do. But with love comes pain. When there is hard times, when we can’t be there for the one we care for, or even when it all comes to end. This being said, I’m probably showing you more of the bitter than the sweet. But that is fully on display. The love the father shows for his daughter, that he professes for her mother, and the undying adoration the daughter has for him. It’s all there.

The short was shot and edited by Taylor Hayes Suggs, both done wonderfully so. There are some truly beautiful shots in the less than seven minutes. And how it was edited together to showcase the melancholy juxtaposed with the father’s glowing words makes it hit all the more home.

While Smith’s previous short Love is Dead left you scrambling for a Prozac, Endings & Beginnings lets you know that no matter how bad things are, it’s temporary and there is a beautiful sun filled sky ahead.

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