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Are we alone in this universe? Or are there other sentient beings out there? And if so, are they trying to make contact? I hope that we are not, and statistically speaking, we probably aren’t. But as for if we’ve been visited, it’s hard to tell given a lack of supporting evidence. Yes, I’m a skeptic when it comes to close encounters reports. So, my BS Meter went into overdrive when I saw the trailer for LOVE AND SAUCERS, a documentary premiering at Fantastic Fest 2017. Now, having watched said film, let’s look to the stars to learn more.

LOVE AND SAUCERS tells the story of David Huggins, a 73 year old man living in New Jersey. David is your normal retiree that still works part time in a deli. Sweet, calm and reserved, he spends his off time meditating and painting. Painting what, you may ask? Just the vivid memories of his numerous encounters with alien lifeforms, including the one that took his virginity. Did anyone else just hear a record needle scratch?

Yes, lovable Mr. Huggins has grown up in the southern US, with fairly conservative parents, yet has been visited by and taken to space by numerous types of creatures, from a tiny Wookie with glowing Jawa eyes, to a large sentient preying mantis, to the grey skinned, large eyed aliens that have become commonly known. Of those greys though, one stood out. A female that named herself Crescent.

Going into this film, judging from the trailer, I expected a tongue in cheek approach to the story. As the skeptic, I figured that I would be laughing throughout at the insane stories. However as the story progressed and got more and more of David’s personality, the disbelief and incredulity faded away. The artist in front of us was telling his truth, his story, without an air of showmanship. He’s not doing this for fame. He’s just wanting to share his history.

LOVE AND SAUCERS is a lovingly told story of an artist with a unique past. Despite the controversial nature, it is handled in a respectful way that never pokes fun at anyone involved. If you’re in the mood for a documentary that won’t bum you out, then check out this one as it’s full of heart, albeit not an entirely human one.

For more information about LOVE AND SAUCERS, check out the official page from the festival here.

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