GOT TIME FOR A QUICKIE?: WHERE IS IT? 2017 dir. Todd Spence & Zak White

There are few tasks more dreaded than helping friends move or house sit for someone. Yet we feel compelled to help out others in need. The latter of the two is examined by film makers Zak White and Todd Spence (YOUR DATE IS HERE) in the new horror short WHERE IS IT?

Following a fairly uneventful house sit, Em checks in with Sara to thank her friend as well see if anything went wrong. Sara reports that all was well beside an old mirror getting broken during the visit. Em isn’t torn up about the breakage, but some…thing is.

Using a FaceTime-like storytelling method, this short can be easily enjoyed on your phone or laptop, which isn’t always the case. Be sure to check out this spooky little amuse bouche, preferably when you’re alone in the dark this Halloween season!

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