What is the first thing you think of when you think of a convent full of nuns? Are you thinking possessions, deadly murders, and aborted diabolic love children? If so, then Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso’s THE OTHER HELL is your perfect cup of Pennyroyal tea. And thanks to Severin Films recent release, this nunsploitation flick gets a beastly package.

THE OTHER HELL stars Franca Stoppi as a convent’s Mother Superior, Vincenza, in charge when a death following an abortion and two grisly murders take place. Trying to keep her house in order, Vincenza tells her charges to comply with an investigation led by priests, despite her bristling at the unwanted company.

Padre Inardo is an older, more classically trained priest who immediately recognizes that an innate evil has taken hold of the nunnery. He quickly goes to work on reconsecrating the property when a sister begins experiencing the signs of the stigmata, ultimately dying from the wounds she shared with that of the man hanging on the cross.

Inardo has back up dispatched in the form of Father Valerio. Valerio is young, ruggedly handsome, but also extremely technical and logical. While he is a priest, he relies on science and empirical evidence to uncover a mystery he feels must be man-made. Inardo and Valerio disagree on their approaches, but they definitely agree that they must prevent further bloodshed at the convent.

The story bounces around quite a bit from there, and given the language barrier of the Italian production filming in English, things can get confusing and muddled if you aren’t paying full attention. But if you are, you are in for a treat of an insane ride through catacombs, attics full of wooden dolls hanging from the rafters, and demonic manifestations.

Besides this truly bonkers nunsploitation flick, Severin Films put together a commentary track with Claudio Fragasso, the co-writer/co-director. Mattei and Fragasso shared directing duties on this film, and also utilized a few sets and actors for their other feature THE TRUE STORY OF THE NUN OF MONZA. The mother superior of both films was played by Franca Stoppi, who is interviewed on the disc. Given that the film was put together in such a mad dash effort with the other movie, it begs the question of how the quality would have been had this been the sole thing the team was working on.

THE OTHER HELL is currently available on Blu-Ray directly from Severin Films.

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