PRESS IN CLOSER: Ama Lea presents YEAR OF FEAR 2017

cover (1)The world of horror art and photography is constantly growing. And thanks to artists such as Ama Lea, whose art has graced the covers of Fangoria and Delirium magazines, we get to see another side to it. Most horror photography aimed to scintillate is geared towards the eye of those with an appreciation for the female form. Not one to complain about that, I do have to say that I’m sure that there are just as many horror fans that want to see some sexy dudes made up as well. Ama and her team set out to do just that with the Year of Fear 2017, a calendar inspired by horror icons showing us their sexy side.

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Hot Guys and Chainsaws: Photographer Ama Lea Releases Horror Calendar with Male Pin-Ups

Be prepared for 12 reasons to drool and shiver at the same time. Photographer Ama Lea has just finished her work on a new calendar for 2017 that offers a juicy new look at some of your favorite horror villains as you’ve never seen them. Or did Freddy Krueger ever show his six-pack before? Were we aware of Leatherface’s considerable buttocks? Ama Lea recreated scenes from classics like A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or FRIDAY THE 13TH and chose hunky male pin-ups to impersonate the respective slasher icon. The calendar features some horror notables such as Jonathan Tiersten (SLEEPAWAY CAMP), Marv Blauvelt (DEATH HOUSE), and Jared Degado (300, DEATH HOUSE) to name a few.Freddy

Every single arrangement is pretty much tongue-in-cheek of course, sometimes combining motifs from various movies or franchises. And even though there is quite a lot of male skin to be seen, this calendar isn’t just for the ladies. Horror aficionados will enjoy the smart and over-the-top approach of each set-up and appreciate the inversion of standards and expectations (wouldn’t female pin-ups be the regular case?).

Ama Lea is an expert in horror photography and has portrayed the likes of Wes Craven, Stuart Gordon and the Soska Twins for various genre publications (Fangoria, Delirium, etc). Her short film “M is for Mermaid” is part of the recently released third installment of the ABC’s OF DEATH series. Right now Ama Lea is preparing her feature debut.


Ironically called “Year of Fear 2017”, her calendar can be pre-ordered under

“Year of Fear” will be having an official release party Nov 4th at Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank, CA that will include not only the calendar and prints (did I mention male models in attendance?) but work from other local artist’s of their own sexy horror renditions. It is open to the public.


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