Amityville No EscapeWhat we fear is different for each and every person, and yet it’s something that is so easy to relate to as we all fear something. Fear of loss of security and fear of isolation are both extremely common fears, and both are tapped into in AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE, the latest film from Henrique Couto.

If you are a fan of horror, you should be well versed with the story of the house in Amityville, New York where brutal murders occurred and then later almost happened again. Numerous books and movies have been made about the original real-life happenings, with some growing all the more fantastical. Couto and crew have tapped into that well-known base to create their own jaunt into madness. Taking equal parts THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, THE HAUNTING, and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, we get AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE.

George Wells (Josh Miller, SCUM) is working on his thesis based on fear and how we deal with it. He decides to take his sister, his girlfriend, and two other friends into the woods outside Amityville to tap into their fears, documenting the whole adventure on film. What his compatriots don’t know is that he’s wanting to investigate the aforementioned house as well. Before they are able to though, things in the woods start to get a little crazy.

Interspersed throughout the film are clips from a home video from Lina (Julia Gomez, CALAMITY JANE’S REVENGE). Lina and her husband just purchased a house as her hubby was deployed overseas. She is ecstatic that they got such a great deal on their first home, but soon comes to find out that the house has a history. While she comes to find out that their purchased home is the Amityville house, she also is battling the issue of isolation as things start to happen around her. Her story grows all the more heart breaking as she is gradually crumbling to the pressure.

AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE is filled with things that you can expect from a Couto film. You’ll be sure to get some humor mixed in, as well as some nudity. While usually welcomed, the topless scenes used in this film felt gratuitous and could have been tied into the story a little better. And if you have seen his last jaunt into horror ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE, then you will be fairly familiar with the house used in this film, and it is still just as creepy.

While this is probably my least favorite of Couto’s work, it is still a fun little flick. And my only beef with it is that we’ve seen this story all too often, without a lot added to it. All the main actors give it their whole, and it’s always nice to see Allison Egan (HER NAME IS TORMENT) as she adds some snark to the horror. And the more we see of Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt (MAKING OUT), the better, as she adds a sense of light hearted whimsy.

AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE will be having its premiere August 5th, 2016 at the By-Jo Theater in Germantown, OH. More information about the events available
here. Then be on the lookout for more release info soon!

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