PRESS IN CLOSER: UK thriller LEVEL UP hits the States August 26th

Are you game? A UK thriller about a gamer stuck in a dangerous real life game is heading our way via FilmBuff in select US cities August 26th! This one looks like a helluva lot of fun as it’s a mix between Fincher’s THE GAME and Neveldine/Taylor’s GAMER. And today we get a trailer and poster!
LevelUp_1Sheet_Art 2
From the official press release:

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FilmBuff is proud to present the hair-raising trailer for LEVEL UP!

Gritty UK thriller opens in select U.S. cinemas on August 26!

Starring: Josh Bowman, Neil Maskell, and William Houston

Directed by: Adam Randall

A deadbeat gamer’s girlfriend is kidnapped. Her kidnappers keep in contact with him by phone, issuing increasingly ludicrous and dangerous challenges he must complete to keep her alive, forcing him to fight his way across London. When he discovers who kidnapped her and why, he learns he is part of a game far larger than himself. But he still has to get her back.

The high concept action thriller shows a hidden, sometimes terrifying ā€“ and often outright bizarre ā€“ side of London. With its blend of humor, action, and terror; real, flawed human characters; and a city both familiar and unseen; LEVEL UP is a unique and bold piece of British cinema by debut feature filmmaker Adam Randal.

English Language
84 minutes
Not Rated

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