Tales of HalloweenHalloween may be over, but the spirit of the season doesn’t have to be! October is always a month where people search out scares to get them in the mood for All Hallows Eve. But for die hard horror fans, and Ministry, everyday is Halloween. And what better way to celebrate year round? By enjoying the latest anthology from The October Society with TALES OF HALLOWEEN.

Helmed by SOULMATE’s Axelle Carolyn, The October Society is a group of 11 directors aiming to share the Halloween love with us all. Besides Carolyn and her hubby Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones, THE DESCENT), they are joined by Mike Mendez (BIG ASS SPIDER), David Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED), Darren Lynn Bousman (THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL), Adam Gierasch, Lucky McKee (THE WOMAN), Paul Solet (GRACE), John Skipp & Andrew Kasch (co-directing, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN), and Ryan Schifrin (ABOMINABLE). This motley crue bands together to tell 10 short tales focused around the night we all go trick or treating.

BadSeed_Still2Anthologies tend to fall in that area where some parts work, but most don’t. But thankfully, joining the recent classic TRICK ‘R TREAT, TALES OF HALLOWEEN is all killer, no filler! All ten stories had entertained the whole way through, and my biggest issue has been picking a favorite vignette!

You always need to start an anthology with a wrap around story, and TALES doesn’t disappoint by giving us Adrienne Barbeau as a night DJ in LA. Wanting to get her listeners in the haunting spirit, she spins the forthcoming tales for us. Barbeau is always a welcome sight on screen, but in a sharp nod to Carpenter’s THE FOG, it’s a true gift.

Highlights are hard to pick out with so many to choose from, but definitely at the top is Barry Bostwick (ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW) as a devilish neighbor intent on corrupting the neighbor kid in “The Night Billy Raised Hell.” And the special visitor in “Friday the 31st” will have you saying “Twick o’ Tweet!” all year long.

As a late Halloween treat to yourself, don’t skip out on the haunted holiday fun. TALES OF HALLOWEEN is available on most VOD services currently, but available internationally through Vimeo.

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