GOT TIME FOR A QUICKIE?: CALL GIRL 2014 dir. Jill VI Gevargizian 1

call-girl-photo-600-342Disturbing, thought provoking, and inspiring. It’s what any short horror film hopes to be. And with CALL GIRL, Jill Sixx Gevargizian and crew hit that in less than 6 minutes. Where most shorts may lead to other shorts or even features, but CALL GIRL took on a full other media with a manga by Daiju Kurabayashi.

Starring Laurence Harvey (The HUMAN CENTIPEDE series) as Ed, a member of a voyeuristic online community looking for morbid things to view. Ed opts to raise his ranks by showing off an encounter with a call girl (Tristan Risk, AMERICAN MARY) that would not be soon forgotten.

tristan-versus-laurence-1Kurabayashi took that initial seed given and was able to expand upon it, truly capturing the original lurid and vile feel of the short and expanded on it.

Included in the manga are letters from all involved (from the stars, writer of the short, and editor of the manga) as a form of commentary track. It’s a great little read as you can see the evolution of a story beyond its original intent.

The CALL GIRL comic is available for free, both in English and Japanese, here.

Also, be sure to check out the original short here:

CALL GiRL from Jill VI Gevargizian on Vimeo.

While you’re at it, check out Gevargizian’s other short POLICE BRUTALITY, part of the Women in Horror Month short compilation:

Police Brutality from Jill VI Gevargizian on Vimeo.

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