Why I won’t be signing the David Lynch petition

Joshua Budich

It was announced this weekend by David Lynch that he will not be directing season 3 of Twin Peaks on Showtime due to failed contract negotiations. The Internet went into immediate uproar, first before clarification, thinking that the season wouldn’t happen, then with immediate anger “that Lynch wouldn’t be involved.” This knee-jerk reaction went so far as to have a Change.org petition going around aimed at Showtime execs pleading to do everything possible to get Lynch to direct. 

“TWIN PEAKS directed by David Lynch is must-see
Television. Without him, it’s unthinkable.” William Friedkin on his Twitter

I guess Mr. Friedkin wasn’t a fan of the other 24 episodes of initial first run of the show. Yes, Lynch directed only 6 episodes of the original 2 seasons. Yet it is still considered his baby with Mark Frost. With season 3 going forward, we still have the episodes co-written by Lynch and Frost. It is still very much his baby. It is just going through a little creative surrogacy. And with Frost still as the showrunner, we are ensured that things shouldn’t go entirety off the rails. Lynch was also crucial in getting the actors to return to continue the story. 

While having Lynch direct would be great, it will still be great to be able to see what has happened to the eerily quiet logging town after all these years.  And that is why I won’t be signing the petition, but if you still feel the need, here you go.

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