What the world needs now is blood, sweet blood. Yes, director James Bickert from DEAR GOD NO, is set to bring us its sequel FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. Filled with bikers, blood, boobs, and Bigfoot, this film should prove to fill all your exploitation needs. 

Bickert and crew were able to get a trove of 35mm film to film this bad boy on, almost an unheard of thing now as the film companies are only making the film for major studios if they buy in bulk. So this could potentially be the last independent film made on 35mm film. Want to be a part of history? 

They are running a Kickstarter right now to raise the funds for the film. The best part, there is no risk of this not happening as they reached their initial goal over 3 days ago. So every extra penny is going on screen, ensuring that FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is massive! 

 James tells about his starting in the film industry and what this new film means to him over at Bloodsprayer Podcast and his passion for exploitation film is contagious. 

And if you wanted a taste of what you may be getting, there’s 10 pages of the script available to read over at Daily Grindhouse

Be sure to chip in and help be a part of history with this movie. Take part in their Kickstarter here!

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