In South Fellini, born and raised, on the slayground was where I spent most of my days. Okay, okay, I’m sorry about that, but what I’m here to talk to you about is Philadelphia based independent horror film, AMERICAN EXORCIST, South Fellini’s follow up to ALPHA GIRLS.

The crew behind South Fellini, Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, have a hell of story lined up for us, following a young exorcist as she’s stuck in a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve. Think The Raid: Redemption meets Poltergeist 3. Sounds pretty amazing! Did I mention that it stars Bill Mosely (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and Falon Joslyn.

They have a Kickstarter running to help cover the post-production costs. They have the majority of the film shot and teaser pictures look great, but what they need help on is the last stretch, to get this film finalized and out to the public.

The deadline is 3/19/15 and they are close to meeting their goal of $15,000, but could really use your help, even the tiniest bit could be that little part that puts them into the black.

Here’s the video for the Kickstarter:

And here’s a great interview with star Falon Joslyn with co-star Jo Pincushion from a year ago:

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