black sunday poster As a fan of film, I’m always intrigued to find a director’s version of a film, as I enjoy seeing their original intent. In some cases, however, it is interesting to watch the theatrical version of a film more as cuts aren’t always a bad thing. KINO LORBER has released Mario Bava’s directorial debut previously in the Italian cut version, but coming February 24th, they will also be releasing the version that was released here in the States in 1960.

black sundayFrom the press release:

This version of the film represents the changes made by American International Pictures, the studio that distributed the film in its initial U.S. release.

In addition to re-editing the film, AIP created a new English-dubbed track and introduced a new musical score by Les Baxter, today recognized as a master of Ultra-Lounge music, and who was instrumental in popularizing the Exotica sound.

Widely recognized as one of the true masters of the genre, for his distinctive visual style and his talent for atmospheric horror, Bava created a strong and enduring body of work that continues to entertain new audiences. Kino Lorber is proud to offer Bava’s impressive directorial debut in an edition that does justice to the incredible visual power of his cinematic style.


In one of the most auspicious directorial debuts in movie history, Mario Bava bridged the gap between the gothic horror picture and the European art film with BLACK SUNDAY (akaLa maschera del demonio orThe Mask of Satan). Made in 1960 and now considered a cult classic, it continues to reverberate through the cinema inspiring and influencing new generations of filmmakers.

Here’s the AIP trailer for the original release:

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