A few of my favorite things from 2014

oprah-free-carWhile everyone is digging in and coming up with their best/worst lists for 2014 for what have you, I opted to take the Oprah approach and tell you about my favorite things. Sadly, I’m not able to give you all cars and awesome electronic gadgets, but you can enjoy a lot of these things as well!

Wheelchair-Werewolf-Title_webFirst up, Wheelchair Werewolf! Yes, you might have noticed from my review and interview with director, Joe Avella, that I have a penchant for this short video series. Good reason to as it is a lot of fun in such a short time.




candy corn apocalypseNext up is author, sculptor, YouTube, and all around gentleman, Anthony Rapino. Tony is a wonderful spirit that loves his horror, classic video games, and shares it through his Facebook page Candy Corn Apocalypse and YouTube channel. Be on the lookout for his upcoming Google Hangout with Hyper Geeky Johnny Tellez and Girl Horror!


I’ve been a fan of podcasts for the past couple of years, and this year has been no exception. Thanks in part to BJ Colangelo and Zach Shildwachter, I was turned onto these three podcasts that have been become my go-to earhole fillers.

killer POVFirst of the three is Killer POV, a horror podcast that is where you go to for intellectual conversations about all things slashers, possessions, and nunsploitation. Co-hosted by Rob Galluzo (Icons of Fright, FearNet (RIP)), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria), and Elric Kane (Inside Horror, Jumpcut Cafe, King of Motel 6), the trio have amazing discussions about all things horror-related, while getting some amazing guests as well. Recommended episodes are episode 84 with epic character actor Dick Miller, and episode 77 with Nick Redman from Twilight Time giving a great insight to the process of reissuing classic films.


scream castSecond, is The ScreamCast. Originally aimed at targeting the output of Scream! Factory, Sean Duregger, Brad Henderson, and occasionally Brian Saur, tackle some of the latest reissued films. They always have fun conversations about the films, and have been getting some great guests on as well. Recommended episodes are episode 42, where they tackle some anthology films, and one of my favorites, Trancers. Once you get used to the hosts, I highly recommend tracking down the trainwreck episode 30, where Brad and Sean both get drunk and talk about THE BURNING. It’s hilarious stuff!


The-Bloodsprayer-Podcast-BannerThird, is The Bloodsprayer Podcast with hosts Wes Allen and Matt Goodfriend. These two best friends just got started, but they put out great episodes on the regular. And where some podcasts falter when it is just the hosts, these two thrive, as you become a part of their conversation full of crazy horror, pro wrestling, or something random that Wes’s kids did. Recommended episodes are episode 19 with Brian Solomon, former WWE staffer, and episode 31 with Natalie Jean, actress and stunt woman.



As I’m getting more and more into writing, I’ve been finding myself reading more blogs as well. While, yes, most of these are horror-based, that doesn’t take away from the great writing from all involved.

freddy in spaceJohn Squires, best known for Freddy in Space, has quickly become a hero of mine. He’s well respected in the horror community, has built up a rather large fan base, and has been able to take to writing full time as his career this year. He’s done a great job of it, contributing to sites such as DreadCentral, HalloweenLove, and iHorror. Really recommend checking out his Silent Night, Deadly Night retrospective, and his interview with the toy creator of Bogglins toys. You can stay up to date with his work on his Freddy in Space Facebook.


IconsOfFright_LogoJerry Smith (same breed, different litter of pups) has been doing a great job over at Icons of Fright at the helm and doing a lion’s share of the writing. He’s been instrumental in getting me going with this site, and kind enough to have me guest-write for them. He’s also put together a great crew with BJ Colangelo, Nattie Cox, Josh Soriano, and more. The crew has all posted their top lists of 2014, and it’s a great way to get to know their styles and tastes.



moon-pumpkinheaadRyne Barber, over at The Moon Is a Dead World is putting in work reviewing both movies and comics, as well as hosting the Gory Gifts of Christmas, a fun event that I hope to participate again in, and maybe host something similar. His Horror Horizon columns are great ways to find out about the new stuff that’s available for the week.




Anyhoo, these are a few of my favorite things from 2014. Hope that you can enjoy them as well! Happy new year and looking forward to breaking 2015 in gently before it gets rough!

Darathus, signing off!

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