VIRGIN TERRITORY: JACK FROST 2 2000 dir. Michael Cooney

436ED1E5-3324-48A7-A113-DA9CDE29C272‘Tis the season for fun holiday gift exchanges, and fellow writer, Ryne Barber from The Moon Is A Dead World, put together a fun little exchange where he would provide a mystery holiday movie to bloggers or YouTubers in exchange for a review of said movie. He also promised some treats with the movie. How could I not pass this up?

My package arrived yesterday, festively wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. After digging into it, I found a letter from Ryne, reminding of the objective, a DVD labeled mysteriously, and 2 decorated sugar cookies. Sadly, the cookies were crushed during the shipping, but they were still delicious! While messy, they melted in my mouth. After enjoying the treats, I couldn’t wait to find out what the mystery film was.

FD37062B-B0F5-475D-827E-922304D538ECPut in the DVD, ready for anything, when I get a middle aged man in a psychiatric counseling session telling about his encounter with a mutant killer snowman. Yes, the movie in question was the 2000 sequel JACK FROST 2. I recall the first film fondly, as it and UNCLE SAM had come out shortly before my brief job within in a video store. I dug the crass humor, off the wall acting choices, and insane kills, so I was super excited to watch this sequel many years later.

8E3F865A-6B1E-49EC-87D4-1EDF0A3826DFJACK FROST 2 takes place one year after the mutant killer snowman was stopped by town sheriff, Sam Tiler (Christopher Allport). Sam was the aforementioned man in the counseling session, obviously experiencing post-traumatic stress from the recent killing spree, but he’s just being mocked for who was behind it. His friends, Joe and Marla, are getting married in a destination wedding, and Sam’s wife thinks it would be wise to get away during the Christmas season and this is the perfect opportunity.

Sadly, someone decided to dig up the remains of the killer Jack to get hold of the antifreeze used to stop him. After genetic testing, our fave mutant killer snowman was revived, and ready to gain revenge. He tracks down Sam and crew on a tropical island and bloodshed ensues!

jack-frost-2-11Shot on digital video, the movie uses mostly practical special effects, which is refreshing in comparison to a lot of modern low budget horror flicks. From exploding mini-snowmen to gallons upon gallons of fake blood, JACK FROST 2 has you covered for gore. The only thing more readily available is our killer Jack’s one liners.

If you can’t have fun with a holiday film involving a mutant killer snowman, then I think that your heart needs to grow three sizes, ya Grinch! Thanks to Ryne for this fun opportunity and be sure to check out The Moon Is A Dead World. JACK FROST 2 can be rented on Amazon or if you are a Prime Member, you can stream it for free! And that, is how the cookie crumbles!

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