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Most of us have that one favorite uncle, the one whose visit we can’t wait for, whom we share that special bond with. In SHADOW OF A DOUBT, young Charlotte (Teresa Wright) even shared a nickname with her uncle Charlie. But as we grow older, we come to realize that […]

VIRGIN TERRITORY: SHADOW OF A DOUBT 1943 dir. Alfred Hitchcock

While everyone is digging in and coming up with their best/worst lists for 2014 for what have you, I opted to take the Oprah approach and tell you about my favorite things. Sadly, I’m not able to give you all cars and awesome electronic gadgets, but you can enjoy a […]

A few of my favorite things from 2014

Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria, Killer POV podcast) once again teams up with hubby Dave to create a fun little horror short, THE BARISTA.¬†Starring Morgan Peter Brown (ABSENTIA, OUIJA, the upcoming CONTRACTED 2) as the kind of customer anyone in food service would be happy to avoid. A conspiracy theorist not afraid […]

GOT TIME FOR A QUICKIE?: THE BARISTA 2014 dir. Rebekah ...

What do you get when you mix a phony fortune teller, San Francisco, doctors, and a 400 year old Native American medicine man little person? One hell of a slow burn horror from 1978 called THE MANITOU. Based on a novel by Graham Masterton, THE MANITOU takes supernatural horror to […]

VIRGIN TERRITORY: THE MANITOU 1978 dir. William Girdler

When you ask about unconventional holiday movies, you usually get bombarded with responses about DIE HARD and GREMLINS. I would like to throw another hat in the ring with NIGHT OF THE COMET. While it gets overlooked, this 1984 sci-fi/horror/comedy takes place during Christmas and involves a small little ode […]